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An unusual carved white jade lingzhi vase

An Unusual Carved White Jade Lingzhi Vase - 10 Ko

Qing Dynasty, Yongzheng period (1723-1735)

Length: 20 cm

Carved on a single Hetian white jade, this unique jade flower cup, called yuhuacha, rises from a florid base with hollowed out knotted branches that stretch upward continuously to form eight well-shaped lingzhi  fungus and one flower cup. Each lingzhi with its broad slightly rounded head is different in size, but all are filled with concentric swirls and other naturalistic details. The conical form vase has a slender oval mouth finished in swirled design and is hollow inside.  The intertwined branches connect each with another in a harmonious entity whilst several outstanding sprigs add vigorous spirit to this magnificent  and well-balanced jade work.      

 Yuhuacha was a sophisticated decoration to be found on the desks of the scholars’ studies in the Ming and Qing dynasties. A single Hetian white jade Yuhuacha has its glorious origin from the emperors. It is extremely rare to find such an impeccable combination of such large single jade piece and such refined carving technique gracefully presented in one object. The skill of the carver is evident in the smooth carving of Hetian white jade as well as the choice of the motif. The luxuriant bodies of linzhi are vividly presented by the creamy texture of this semi-translucent white stone gleaming in its pure and natural charm. 

 A Kangxi period jade yuhuacha appeared on Christie’s May, 2007 Spring Auction in Hong Kong, lot 1614. Another similar design but much smaller yuhuacha appeared in Sotheby’s Fine Chinese Ceramics& Works of Art, Hong Kong, October, 2009, lot 1787.



清朝 雍政年 (1723-1735) 和田玉

长度:20 公分



似藏品在拍中亦不多2007年佳士得香港中国工品春拍中出一尊似的 灵芝玉花插, 拍品第1617号。2007富比香港中国陶瓷和工品秋拍中有一件造型相似但外形小很多的灵芝花插, 拍品1787


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