Cédrice Curien was an expert in Chinese Ming and Qing porcelain and works of art with the National Chamber of the Specialized Experts in works of art (CNES) of Paris.


Expertise - estimations gratuites

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Welcome in this section of online estimation specialized in Asian art.

Born of the collaboration between Cédric Curien and a young motivated team of professionals, the company Art Asiatique Sarl is able to estimate your objects.

This service is free and confidential.

For a first contact, you can simply click on this link and send us your photos (Contact page link)

Do not forget to fill in well your address and phone number and to indicate to us a maximum of information such as the dimensions of your objects, their condition of conservation and their possible origins so that we can answer you as precisely and as soon as possible.

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Or, you can send us paper photos and the same information at this address :

Art Asiatique Sarl - 9 A boulevard de Strasbourg - 83000 Toulon - FRANCE

You can also meet us at our gallery for your valuation, from Monday to Saturday 10:30 am to 7:00 pm.

We can come to visit you in France by appointment.

The delivery of Expertise Certificates with the aim of successions, dealing, litigation or for other motive is a paying act which cannot being established on photos. We can communicate you our fees on simple request.

Expertise - estimations gratuites Expertise - estimations gratuites Expertise - estimations gratuites Expertise - estimations gratuites Expertise - estimations gratuites Expertise - estimations gratuites

·         Broker

Specialist and passionate about Chinese art, Cédric Curien and his team put their knowledge and their experience at your service.

Thanks to the international network of professionals and collectors developed for more than fifteen years by the gallery, we shall help you to negotiate your works of art for the best price.

At your convenience, we can buy your objects or act as broker to sell them thanks to our important collectors' file.

Expertise - estimations gratuites Expertise - estimations gratuites

·         Buying

In 33 quai Voltaire, you will find high-quality objects selected with passion and seriousness years after years.


Numerous pieces sold by our gallery have join famous museums or private collections and numerous gallery owners and collectors of the whole world regularly come to visit us to discover our new objects.




When it comes to existing collections, we can also help you organise, manage, pass on and optimise your assets.

With any customer who so desires, we undertake a review of his/her collection, taking into account its individual characteristics, history and value.

From a legal point of view, the objects in your collection are 'heritage assets' (that is to say, elements that are part of the owner's inheritance). In France, the tax system applicable to inheritance differs depending on the origin of the inheritance. For inheritances received by gift or bequest, we talk about taxation in accordance with rights of inheritance and succession.

These days, people are looking for the solutions best suited to the objectives of each individual case when it comes to assets and inheritance. However sources of information are many and various (newspapers, television, internet …) and the need for personalised advice has grown significantly. Recourse to the services of a competent professional has become more and more widespread and desirable.

Donations are primarily acts of generosity, given to those we love, be they family members or not. Donations can also be made to collectives, associations or establishments that we support. In any case, a donation is a serious act because, unless otherwise indicated, it is definitive. The giver must be fully informed of the consequences of his act. The law protects the interests of the family and sets out specific rules so that the donation can be fully effective. Giving can also be a contribution to the effective management of family assets.

What assets are exempt from taxation?

Exemptions aside, assets that are taxable under ISF stipulations include all property, rights and securities relating to your taxable household, notably furniture (furniture for houses and related fixtures), jewellery, gold and precious metals. As well as business assets, certain specific assets are exempt from ISF. These include, notably, objets d'art, art, collectibles and antiques (that is to say, assets more than 100 years old). Types of deductible liabilities vary and some of these are wholly deductible.






Written document evidencing an agreement between one or more persons.

We can distinguish between:

   Private deeds, acts issued by co-contractors under one sole signature; these deeds can easily be contested, any party can challenge the agreement.

   Authentic deeds, deeds drawn up and received by a publicly-authorised person. These include administrative authorities (ministers, prefects, mayors), members of the judiciary, registrars and public officers such as bailiffs, clerks and notaries. An authentic deed is endowed with the prerogatives of common law. It is an authoritative document (it has probative value) and is effective without the need for judicial recognition (it is binding). In terms of private deeds, the notary deed is the principal authentic deed.


The beneficiary of a donation.


Agreement by which a person transfers to another his right of ownership (or part thereof) over a thing or set of things, without compensation. The person who gives is the donor and the person receiving the donee.


An asset presented by a debtor to his creditor as security. The debtor divests himself of ownership of the asset. The creditor holding the item in question may sell the asset in order to pay himself. The creditor in such a case has priority thus over other creditors.


In the broad sense, the word "heir" refers to any person who has an interest in the estate. Proof of heirship can be administered by any means, in particular production of an affidavit.

   Compulsory heir: descendants or, in the absence of descendants, ascendants or, in the absence of descendants and ascendants, the surviving spouse.

   Universal heir: heir liable to receive the entire estate.

   Heir by general title: heir who receives a share of the totality of the assets

   Heir of subsequent rank: heir of a more distant rank, awarded a part of the succession in the event of renunciation or waiver by a closer heir

   Heir successor: an heir who has not yet opted to take up his succession

   Heir apparent: one who, on the day of a deed of donation, for example, and if the settlor is deceased, would be the legal heir. Children are thus the heirs apparent of their parents. When there are no children, the heirs apparent are collaterals. A grandson is not his paternal grandfather's heir apparent if on the day of the act, his father is alive and has not renounced his succession.

In everyday language, inheritance is the common legacy of a group or community which is transmitted to future generations. It can be diverse in nature: culture, history, language, value systems, monuments, works of art ...

From a legal perspective, an inheritance consists of all the rights and obligations that pertain to a legal person (or entity). This notion is restricted to an essentially economic dimension. We then distinguish between heritage assets (that is, those which constitute the holder's real, personal and intellectual property rights) and non-pecuniary assets (that is, assets relating to the holder's person, such as life, the physical integrity of a person, health, honour, dignity, privacy, image). These assets are independent of inheritance, they cannot be transferred or ceded and cannot be given a monetary value.

In France, the system of taxation applicable to an inheritance varies depending on the origin of the inheritance:

   For inheritance related to asset income or to savings accrued from work-related income, the relevant taxes are property tax and land registration along with income tax, capital gains tax and the ISF (tax on large fortunes).

   For inheritance received by gift or legacy, taxation is in respect of any transmission and succession rights.


In cases of joint ownership, characterised by an accumulation of property rights in relation to the same asset or pool of assets, a process of division is instigated. Each party involved receives a share of the assets.


Property rights can be split into two distinct rights:

   bare ownership consists of the right to dispose of one's property as one pleases, including the right to modify or destroy it

   "usufruct" rights allow the bearer to derive profit or benefit from property, for example in rent, interest or dividends.


In relation to a bequest whose value exceeds the available legal share. A reducible donation is a bequest which, at the request of the heirs, must be reduced to the equivalent value of the available legal share.


Act by which a person decides how his/her estate should be administered.

You may think that a will is the primary concern of elderly or sick people. You may not want to talk about such matters for the time being. However, a will is often the best means of protection, especially for unmarried persons.


Transfer of the assets of a deceased person or a collection of assets transferred through inheritance.

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